Shaker Woods HOA

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The Neighborhood

This website has been set up for the homeowners and residents of Shaker Woods located in Herndon, VA by the HOA Board. This homeowners association services homes on the following streets:

  • Cameo Court
  • Courtney Court
  • Heather Way
  • Kelly Court
  • Meadowville Court
  • Rowland Drive
  • Sandy Court
  • Shaker Woods Road (even numbers only)
*****  If your question is related to a property that is not located on one of the streets listed above, it is not part of the HOA that supports this website.  *****

Neighborhood News

Questions? Concerns? for issues directed specifically to the President for issues involving annual assessment, budget, etc. for issues regarding AECC concerns for issues concerning the website and all other issues

Address: P.O. Box 222 Herndon,VA 20172

CALL American Disposal Services to Maintain Your Trash Collection Discount


If you received a fee increase notice from American Disposal Services, please call them immediately at (703) 368-0500 Monday through Friday and ask for the Shaker Woods HOA Rate.  This will get you twice weekly pickup for $26/month or $78/quarter, rather than their non-HOA current rate of over $37.  The HOA Board negotiated this lower rate which is available to all homes in Shaker Woods.  The cost savings vs the regular residential rate over the course of the year is more than half the amount of your annual HOA dues!   This negotiated rate also applies if you switch from your current trash provider to American Disposal Services.  Remember, fewer providers in the neighborhood means fewer heavy trucks rolling over our aging streets.

Phone: 703.368.0500 


HOA of Shaker Woods now has a Facebook page!

 We encourage you to join the group

Sign up is easy and you will find several benefits of doing so:

 * Keep up to date on the latest events in the neighborhood.

* Get to know your neighbors better.

* It's a great way for everyone to share information about plumbers,
electricians, landscapers, cleaners, babysitters, dog walkers etc.
(We will keep a master list for people to download at any time.)

The page is a closed group so no one outside group members can see any posts
and you don't have to be friends with other group members to participate.

We will not post any photos of neighborhood children

If you'd like to be added to the group or have questions,
email Doug Young at and Doug will send you an email invite.


Late HOA Dues

The following homeowners are late with their HOA dues for one or more years. 
  • ------

Need a Landscaper or Tree person? 

HOA of Shaker Woods uses

Samy Lawn Services- (571)575-2368


Alex Tree Service - (540) 423-2365

Please keep them in mind for any of your landscaping and tree trimming needs.